About the Artist

Dr Kamini Jain, the self-taught Artist, though is Ph. D in economics, is practising art from her heart. She has not taken any formal degree/qualification in the field of art, but she has learnt art from core of her heart gaining experiences from Nature, surroundings and environment. She is a versatile artist working with all the mediums like Acrylic, oil, water colour, Tanjore and Mysore painting are her forte. Her interest in art got rejuvenated 20 years back from Kolkata when she again started playing with brushes and colours. Recently she has started giving new dimension to her Art by Painting on Sarees, Chunni/Suits to attract ethnic lovers. Her art works are also selected for exhibition in renowned Galleries such as India Habitat Centre,New Delhi, Lalit Kala International Art Fair, Preetam Lal Art Gallery, Artizen Art Gallery New Delhi etc. She love doing innovation in Art as Art is her passion not profession.


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